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Explanatory Notes for Simple Pyrotechnics

These notes are intended for prospective clients anticipating the use of pyrotechnic effects to enhance a special event or occasion and are summarised in point form below. It is hoped the following will give some insight and explanation into what is involved. For further details please refer to the notes following the bulleted items.


  • Fireworks can only be purchased and used by a licensed and suitably endorsed pyrotechnician.
  • The welfare, safety and interests of clients and guests are always a top priority.
  • Public liability insurance represents a large portion of the display budget.
  • The pyrotechnician must undertake site and risk assessments to ensure venue and location are safe and suitable for the effects required.
  • Clients need to consider event date, budget, venue and display duration.
  • Venue approval is required.
  • Sufficient lead time and notification is required prior to the event.
  • The pyrotechnician in charge is required to contact WorkSafe, Council, Fire Authority, Police and other affected parties.
  • Set up time is required before the event, along with waiting time during and after the event, prior to the display and clean up.
  • The Pyrotechnician at all times is responsible for related matters of safety.
  • Pyromite provides attention to detail, always maintaining a high level of safety for all concerned.


Fireworks can only be presented and purchased by a fully licensed and appropriately endorsed operator. Pyromite always puts the interest and welfare of clients and their associates first, as such we are fully insured with Public Liability insurance. As you can appreciate, public liability insurance for our industry is quite onerous and represents a large component of all display budgets.

Considerable time is required by the pyrotechnician to appropriately undertake site inspections, risk assessments, have discussions with the venue operator and associated people, consultation with local and state authorities, display preparation, on site setup, as well as the clean up and pack up of equipment. The pyrotechnician must ensure that the intended site and effects to be presented can be done safely and if or how the local area will be affected. Where a building is involved, how the effects will relate to any fire alarms / systems or any items that could be considered a hazard and if there is suitable space available.

Example for consideration Wedding, Birthday, Special Occasion etc. Decide on a date , what budget has been allocated for fireworks, how long the special effects or display are to last and consider where the function is to be held. Nominate the venue and discuss the requirements with our licensed pyrotechnician. Where no specific effect is required, our pyrotechnicians will select appropriate product that is safe and suitable for use at the intended venue and will satisfy the customers need. The pyrotechnician will have to visit the venue site and assess its suitability for the task requested, this will require discussion with the venue manager for approval, and an understanding of any venue specific limitations that may apply.

When a quote is accepted, the pyrotechnician will need from a few weeks to months lead time and notification in order to allow for stock to be prepared and arrange for any special equipment that may be needed for the event. Formal paper work is required to be submitted to various authorities such as WorkSafe, local council and fire authority. Local police are also informed of planned activities.

Prior to the actual special event commencement time, the pyrotechnician will need to arrive early in order to set up. This could be anything from 2 to 3 hours to several days depending on its complexity, and to make sure things are not disrupted that could affect safety or function. The pyrotechnician will be concerned about the flammability of certain fabrics or materials used at the site and any other product or situation that could otherwise influence the events success.

During any special occasion the pyrotechnician will be required to wait a period of time before the effects can be presented at a prearranged time or signal. This could be several hours or more, additionally a further wait will be required for the function to finish, after which point the pyrotechnician can clean up and disassemble equipment. Various authorities may place time limits of when and how long a display may proceed. Events not running to schedule could find the window of opportunity for firing their effects may be passed and the pyrotechnician is powerless to make any changes or proceed with the display. Should an event over run its arranged times and schedules, a prenegotiated plan and agreement must be in place with the pyrotechnician so that a known set procedure can be followed.

By law, the pyrotechnician at ALL times is responsible for the health and safety of pyrotechnic affected activities and is empowered at any time that is considered a risk or danger involving the pyrotechnics to stop, delay or cancel the effect or display. This could be caused through the disorderly behavior of guests interfering with equipment or people being to close to a particular set up or device that is meant to have a minimum safety distance or disregarding a request to move away from or stop interfering with any pyrotechnic related object or device. The customer must understand that there are strict rules, guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to. Where a service is suspended or cancelled due to the above and is considered unsafe or unsuitable to continue, then the service will be deemed as having been provided in full.

Providing attention to detail, selecting the appropriate special effects or fireworks for the function, and maintaining a high level of safety, are all essential elements where pyrotechnics are concerned. All this and more will increase and heighten the brilliance of your special event that will have people talking about and reminiscing for years to come.

We trust that what you have read will give a little understanding and insight into some of what must be attended to when quoting and catering for a simple activity involving the use of pyrotechnic related effects.

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