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Can I have fireworks or other pyrotechnics at my event or function?

Yes, provided a licensed pyrotechnician is used.

Is my venue or location suitable for fireworks or other types of pyrotechnics?

A licensed pyrotechnician will have to be consulted to carry out a site inspection and risk assessment to determine if the site is safe and suitable for the use of fireworks or other pyrotechnic effects. Regulations governing safety distances determine what can often be used.

How much does it cost?

Services commence from as little as $1100. Otherwise we will work within your budget allocation subject to the customer's requirements.

How long does a firework display go for?

This is determined by the budget, venue suitability, quantity of product and customer requirements. Any show can be discharged faster or slower according to need and design.

Optimum visual displays are usually around 6 to 7 minutes in duration. After this point spectators can tend to lose interest or get bored. We would suggest a display somewhere between 5 to 8 minutes as being most beneficial. However, duration is open to many contributing factors that need to be considered. This is often best left to the pyrotechnician's discretion unless specific requirements are known.

Other than outdoor fireworks, are other types of pyrotechnics available?

Yes, there is a range of close proximity, theatrical and indoor products that may be suitable and safe for use at your venue.

What is the best time of year?

Anytime is a good time for fireworks, however the fire danger period may impact on what can be done during times of high fire danger.

Close proximity and indoor effects can usually and safely be used at any time of the year subject to venue and location.

What about safety?

Safety is our top priority and most important concern. Amongst many other aspects to be considered, there is a range of regulated safety distances which reflect the type of product which can be used relative to the venue and available area.

Our pyrotechnician will always undertake a site inspection for risk assessment purposes and other aspects which can influence safety.

What about the fire danger period?

Safety is the biggest concern during the fire danger period. If an area is likely to present a lot of bush and flammable surrounds it is often wise to reconsider the event date, venue or location. However fireworks can still be presented provided it is safe to do so. Venue selection and location will play a role in this decision. It is best to consult with us for advice.

Venues with large open areas of well maintained grasslands and garden, beaches, open sporting complexes and generally places away from volatile bush lands tend to be more suitable during fire danger periods.

What happens on a total fire ban day?

All fireworks are automatically suspended on a day of total fire ban, subject to specific qualification by the relevant fire authority, which is sometimes given.

Special consideration is given to the customer under these conditions.

What happens if it is to wet or windy?

We usually prepare our fireworks so they can be set up and fired in the wet unless there is exceptionally adverse weather and not suitable to proceed.

If prior to set up the weather has been looming or likely to be too wet or windy, the customer will have an option to suspend the event and have it transferred to another mutually suitable date. Otherwise, if the display is set up and then suspended or cancelled, the service will be deemed to have been presented in full.

What happens if the fireworks are suspended or cancelled on my wedding day?

A suspended show prior to set up can be transferred to another mutually suitable date.

A display or service cancelled or suspended on arrival or after site setup will be considered to be presented and payable in full.

What type of fireworks or pyrotechnics can I have at my function?

This is governed by venue, location, safety considerations, duration and budget.

Can I have traditional Chinese string firecrackers?

Yes, these can be provided for a variety of religious and cultural purposes as specifically required.

How much notice do I need to give?

We have a preference for as long a lead time as possible, 2 to 3 months is ideal and allows a comfortable flow and transition leading to the event. New Years Eve displays should be booked even further in advance to secure availability.

It is best to book a long time ahead in case the date required is otherwise taken.

What about insurance?

We have a $10,000,000 public liability policy.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a 50% deposit is payable at the time of booking and quotation acceptance otherwise a reservation will not be taken.

What kind of events are catered for?

Weddings, Birthdays, Party's, Fund Raisers, Sporting Events, Award and Presentation Nights, Plays, Band Performances, Corporate Launches, New Years Eve, Public Holidays, Religious & Cultural Events, Engagements, Proposals, Classic Car Rallies, Swap Meets, Ute Musters, Dances, Anniversaries, Buck Nights, Speedways, Sprint Cars, Divorces, Christmas In July, Advertising and Promotional Activities.

If you want it, and it can safely and legally be done. We will do it for you.

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